Sipping Passionately

What does it mean to be “Passionate” about something…especially if it’s mentioned together with a topic like “wine”.

Passion can be defined by the amount of energy we’re willing to spend on something.

Whether it’s sharing it with people dear to us, reading or studying the topic, there is obviously also different degrees of passion.

At this stage of my life my passion for wine is challenged by the fact that I have two young children at home, which sort of limits my ability to pack up and go to wine festivals on girls-only weekends away like I used to…

Nevertheless, one should live life passionately and make use of every little opportunity to explore your passion. So if you’re able to go to every Festival imaginable then do so, but for those of us that are slightly limited, make sure you get your hands on good wine to sip at home..

Contribution by: Joey Bradfield
Wine Pairer
Pomegranate Restaurant

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