Wine, glorious wine

Have you ever opened a bottle of wine expecting a nice glass of good quality wine from a respected cellar, only to be grossly disappointed? Well this all but what you can expect when opening a bottle of wine here at Pomegranate restaurant.

One of our owners, Joey Bradfield, is our wine pairer and she boasts extensive qualifications and experience in both catering and wine.

“In my opinion, wine is a form of art and only if one has passion for something do you open yourself up to what it has to offer! South Africa’s talented winemakers are creating great wines which complement our food.”

The Diemersfontein Pinotage is one of those unique bottles of wine which you can experience here.

Never has a description of a wine been so absolutely spot on, please read this and feel the excitement build on your pallet;

 ”It is praised for its easy accessibility, its  uniqueness, its wonderful rich coffee, smoky overtones on the nose - and yet the preservation of voluptuous fruit on the palate, along with spicy, cinnamon and chocolaty notes on the palate,” and here is the best part, “Makes you sit up and smile at the company you are with.” 

No further words are needed, no exclamation marks or hyperboles, just a smile.

Contribution by: Joey Bradfield
Wine Pairer
Pomegranate Restaurant

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