Head Chef, Garth Bradfield

Who is the man behind the scenes, the man behind our extraordinary cuisine… Head Chef, Garth Bradfield.

“I believe in using local, seasonal produce and to create menus that enhance the natural flavour of the ingredients, resulting in simply irresistible food…”

  • Qualified as a Chef through Granger Bay in Cape Town with practical experience at the Port Elizabeth Hotel
  • Sous Chef at a Country Hotel in Lynmyth, Devon, England
  • Head Chef at Shamwari Game Reserve
  • Mantis Collection: catered for many celebrities, including John Travolta
  • Managed Lake Pleasent Living and the Bistro @ Lake Pleasant
  • Diploma in Marketing from Damelin — top of the Class food
  • Father of two and husband to Joey Bradfield

Follow Garth’s posts here on the Pomegranate section of the Boulders Lodge & Spa blog, and you just may learn that the art in cooking, is not only for artists…

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