Retreat, rejuvenate, restore, relax

Welcome to Boulders Lodge & Spa, your pamper destination in Oudtshoorn.

For those of you who have driven by Boulders and thought, “I wonder…”. Turn in next time and come see a relaxing retreat unfold as you walk through the front door.

Our friendly staff will welcome you and show you around.

They will show you our picturesque pool and garden jacuzzi, also to be enjoyed by our local spa clients. They will provide you our competitively priced spa menu with numerous rejuvenating pamper treatments. You will be shown around the Pomegranate Restaurant where our unique Oudtshoorn cuisine is served.

If you like, bring a friend along and enjoy cocktails while soaking up the relaxing atmosphere.

It is a lifestyle worth living, a place to recuperate your body & mind and let your soul rejoice at just being you.

Visit Boulders Lodge & Spa next time you think to yourself, “I wonder…”

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